Being Newly Married

Adjusting, Enjoying, & Nesting

Mikey and I have officially wrapped up our first six months of marriage – woah. Having always called myself a “hopeless romantic,” I used to dream of what it might be like to be married, and let me tell you… I was right to be eager. Being newly married and walking through life with your best friend is such a beautiful gift.

My husband’s and my love story has been quite the whirlwind – nearly six months of dating long-distance (and I mean separated-by-oceans-distant), a two-month engagement, and now six months of marriage. Many people look at me wide-eyed when they hear that I’m married at twenty years old, and that my love story was so fast and furious. I am truly still in awe myself when I reflect upon it all.

Being a wife is challenging and wonderful and revealing all at the same time. I love having a home to decorate and cozy-up with personal touches. Our place may be tiny, but is intimate and OURS. 

Our current “kitchen table,” adorned with a typical dinner in the Wall home.  

Learning to cook and provide for my husband through the creation of yummy meals is a wonderful challenge! I am not the most naturally-inclined cook in the world, but my momma is amazing. Since I aspire to become the same, I am constantly calling her, asking for recipes, advice, etc. I know you are reading this… so thanks mom!  

Currently, the most challenging part of marriage has to do with our schedules. Mikey and I didn’t date for a very long time before getting married, so this has been a season of really getting to know each other more and more deeply. This can be challenging amidst my 20 credits of college classes and his full-time job. We cherish the moments we do have together, and have been challenging ourselves to be intentional with our time.

I love that I married a man who thinks deeply; we love to connect through thoughtful conversation, and honestly never bore of each other when we do so. (Sidenote: Marry someone that challenges, inspires and encourages you, but also someone who you can have FUN with. Both are wonderful ways to cultivate intimacy.)

These first six months of marriage have not only consisted of lots of conversation, but also lots of games! Not every married couple can relate to this, but we both happen to be HUGE board game enthusiasts. We found that although it takes more effort than turning on Netflix, choosing to pull out a board game adds spice and more interaction into our marriage! The one challenging thing about this is that we are both extremely competitive…

I’ve heard many say that marriage brings out and magnifies your flaws, and games have done exactly that, at times! Through the fluctuating moments of victory and defeat, playing games together has displayed some raw and revealing moments! As silly and elementary as it may sound, I’ve been challenged to heighten my awareness of my attitude, and to choose to be joyful when I lose. However, I have discovered that it is sometimes better to be intimate BEFORE playing certain games, just in case someone decides to be a sore loser… We’ve had so many laughs and wonderful nights in our little living room – all because of some silly games.

This blog is fairly random and broad; it is simply a brief introduction of some of the aspects of ‘wifehood’ I have experienced thus far. In later blogs, I will be discussing more specific topics pertaining to marriage, such as expectations versus reality and “figuring out the little things,” like who gets to sleep on which side of the bed. Please feel free to request a discussion topic in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading, and stay tuned for more from this Wall wife!

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