5 Lies Many Believe About Marrying Young

I’m a 21-year-old college student in Montana, and I’ve been married for a year and a half as of this month. I consistently get the same reactions whenever someone, especially someone around my age, discovers that I’m a wife: “You’re married?!? At 21?? That’s soo young!! I could never give up so much of my life right now!” While I understand that not everyone needs to, or even should, get married young, I feel that there are quite a few misunderstandings about what it’s like to be a wife at my age. Here are 5 lies that many people believe about marrying young:

Lie #1: Marrying young takes away all of your independence.

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Why Seek Compatibility in Your Relationship?

By definition, infatuation is an intense, short-lived passion or admiration for another. Short-lived… that’s the key here. A relationship marked by such passion is irrational and inconsistent. It’s based on the ever-changing, unpredictable feelings that come up from moment to moment. Compatibility, on the other hand, is a state of like-mindedness between two people. It’s a steadiness and a consistency that a healthy relationship needs in order to thrive and last a lifetime. Living in a country where half of all marriages end in divorce, this is an important discussion to have. Avoid infatuation and instead seek compatibility in your relationship. Here’s why:

1.  Passion Can Create Blind-Spots

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SYMBIS – An Amazing Pre-Marital Counseling Tool

A Pre-Marital Assessment for Pre-Engaged, Engaged, & Newly Married Couples!

Because of the unique timeline of our dating relationship and engagement, Mikey and I were not able to go through months of premarital counseling before tying the knot. However, we both highly valued the intentionality of addressing and talking through important marital issues with a mentor figure. We wanted to find a way to do so that was somewhat formal – even if it didn’t quite look like traditional pre-marital counseling.

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12 Simple Ways to Love Your Husband

Hi all! For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time, I’m just a young wife sharing some thoughts and experiences on topics pertaining to marriage. I don’t pretend to have it all figured out – I have SO much to learn, and will forever be yearning to grow in wisdom and selflessness. I am simply using this platform to record some of my journey as a wife, and to share a few things with any and all who care to visit Wall Wife Life. Perhaps my blogs will spark an idea, act as a reminder, or simply entertain you a bit… Whichever is the case, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy my thoughts on 12 simple ways to love your husband.

1.   Initiate in the Bedroom

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4 Valuable Lessons Learned in Marriage

This is Just the Beginning…

Half of a year has passed, and I am finally getting used to the idea that I am now Mrs. Wall. I can recall every detail of the day Mikey and I were married on that endearing little potato farm by the river; how could that have been six whole months ago? At the same time, these past many months have been filled with more life change than most I’ve lived. As I sit here and reflect, the number of lessons I’ve learned since becoming a wife is seemingly endless. Today, I want to discuss just a handful of them. Here are 4 valuable lessons learned in marriage.

1.   I am a lot more selfish than I thought!

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Being Newly Married

Adjusting, Enjoying, & Nesting

Mikey and I have officially wrapped up our first six months of marriage – woah. Having always called myself a “hopeless romantic,” I used to dream of what it might be like to be married, and let me tell you… I was right to be eager. Being newly married and walking through life with your best friend is such a beautiful gift. Continue reading “Being Newly Married”