A Little More About Me….

As stated on the Home Page, my name is Megan Wall. I’m 21 years old, and I grew up in Kalispell, Montana with a view of the majestic, world-renowned Glacier National Park. A ballerina and a choir nerd, I am a lover of expressional arts, and am currently pursuing a minor in Dance Education. My faith is precious to me, I adore my friends and family, and I have been married since August of 2017. My husband and I have quite a unique love story; we didn’t date for years as couples often do.

We are actually the product of what one might call “match-making,” as our mommas have been best friends since high school. My mom mentioned Mikey Wall’s name, as a potential future spouse, several times throughout my late teen years. I would always just smirk and roll my eyes… “MOMS.” But goodness, after re-meeting Mikey in December of 2016, that “MOMS” remark went from being said with a tone of annoyance, to one of gratitude (followed by a million heart-eyed emojis). I’d seen Mikey a few times when I was young, but separated by 8 hours of driving and 5 years of age, we never interacted much. Thank goodness the times changed!

Our relationship started right before I went on a 6-month journey with a Christian organization called YWAM. I was oceans away, living in both Hawaii and Cambodia for several months. Mikey and I spent hours on end FaceTiming, and fell in love at a near-chick flick speed. We talked about anything and everything, and I quickly fell in love with his compassionate heart, intelligent mind, quick wit, and amazing ability to just love people where they’re at.

Anyways, after six months of dating long-distance (minus one week we spent together in Hawaii), I arrived home to Montana. We were engaged two days later, and became man and wife just two months after that! I know that all sounds crazy, but I don’t regret a thing. What a thrilling, life-changing season it has been!

I am now the wife of my favorite human, and am crazy thankful for such a gift. As I walk through this season of learning to become a life partner, I look forward to reminiscing all of the little moments and lessons learned thus far. This blog is a place for me to share the “let’s have a cozy movie night” moments, as well as the “YOU MAKE ME CRAZY” moments – and everything in between. My hope is that wives of all ages, and wives-to-be, can get something out of ‘Wall Wife Life’ – perhaps an insightful nugget of advice to tuck away, or maybe just a much-needed laugh.