‘Wall Wife Life’ Backstory

Hi, All!

My name is Megan Wall; welcome to Wall Wife Life!

I’m twenty-one years old, and have been married since August of 2017; I absolutely love doing life with my best friend. People are often shocked to hear my love story and to discover that I am married at such a young age, as early marriages are becoming less and less common in our society.  Thus, I thought this was a wonderful platform for me to share some stories, thoughts, and nuggets of advice pertaining to marriage and “wife-hood!” This chapter of my life has only just begun, and I am eager to reflect and continue to learn and grow in the many months and years to come. Being a wife is a gift and a privilege in so many ways, and I desire to transparently express my heart and mind with you all on the many joys and struggles that come with marriage.

I hope you all enjoy the content of this site! Please feel free to check out the ‘Contact’ page in order to comment, share, and/or request a topic you’d like to hear some thoughts on.

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